Disney’s First Latina Princess Elena of Avalor


* Excited to have been sponsored by DiMeMedia and the Disney Channel. All opinions express our own.

As a little girl growing up and now being a mother to three amazing young ladies, one is never too old to love and adore the Disney princesses. Hearing the news that Disney was going to introduce the very first Latina princess was so exciting to hear. Even though I was no longer a little girl I felt that I finally had my princess that would represent me and be my voice.


I had the honor to be sponsored by Disney and host my very own Elena of Avalor premiere viewing party in my home on Friday July 22. I was so eager and excited to invite my all my friends and family’s daughters along with a special invitation to the little girls from my church children’s group to watch the premiere, enjoy fun and creative activities together.


It was so exciting to receive an amazing box filled with goodies from Disney to make the premiere a hit. The box was filled with activities, decorations, and inspirational keepsakes for everyone to enjoy. I wanted everything to be perfect for the event I eagerly decorate my home with my children and picked up amazing treats for the premiere.

ytrElena of Avalor is not only a princess but she is a gift of inspiration as she represents every Latina young lady. She is our warrior that reminds us to be confident, independent, inspired, courageous, creative, strong willed, a believer, and proud of our Latin heritage.


Elena of Avalor is not a damsel in distress waiting for a prince to rescue her. She is a princess filled with confidence to represent her land, filled with courage to handle all the obstacles along her way, filled with love to always put her family and friends first, and filled with inspiration to inspire every young girl to always aim for the stars while working above and beyond to accomplish her dreams.


Elena of Avalor is the perfect example to every young lady as she delivers a clear message that if you believe in yourself, remain confidence, and work hard you will reach your dreams. Don’t miss the opportunity to inspire not only yourself but also your children; Elena of Avalor is on the Disney Channel every Friday with her amazing adventures at 7:30pm ET, 6:30pm CT, and 7:30pm PT.

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