Take control of your savings with ScriptSave® WellRx

Tracking PixelI had the honor of being sponsored for this post, all opinions are my own on behalf of ScriptSave® WellRx.

Being blessed with a family of 5 amazing children can be a task that involves plenty of wonderful memorable moments as well as financial planning that needs to be well thought of to ensure a balanced home life. Maintaining a home that has immediate necessities for the present time that include daily living, family vacations, home emergencies, and also future planning for not only the children’s college days but also those days when you have an empty nest, you and your spouse can enjoy memorable moments together. Life can sometimes present unexpected and unplanned issues such as medical complications or illness that may leave us with costs that were never planned or thought of.

de31173b-ddd1-4d92-9ce2-0066e04c04db( Our yearly family vacation was to Aruba this year )

I have always tried to take care of myself, stay healthy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It came as a shock to wake up one morning to unbearable pain and go through months of medical appointments with unplanned copays, medical tests and procedures with unplanned deductibles, and then to be given several prescriptions that came with unexpected costs that would impact my homes monthly budget. I can clearly remember picking up my first prescription and being told the ridiculous cost of each presecription that I needed to have  and couldn’t reject paying for the medication because I needed them to maintain a comfortable and healthy balance for my body for the rest of my life. I quickly came to learn that no matter how great you can take care of yourself we are not in control of our bodies and things can change any day. I immediately began to worry on how these unexpected prescription expenses were going to impact my home expenses, my children sports fees, and our family vacations.

img_4487( The boys travel soccer season has just kickoff )

logoScriptSave® WellRx will give you the freedom of being in control on how much you will spend for your prescriptions. Before learning about ScriptSave WellRx I had no idea that the cost of my prescriptions can change without notice on a daily basis or that the costs vary depending on which pharmacy I would use. After years of never having to pick up any prescriptions for my family I was ignorant to the costs, thinking I have insurance that will automatically provide me with the best low-cost prescription medications. I was wrong, ScriptSave WellRx works well with insured families and individuals with high out-of-pocket costs and keeps you in control.

There are no membership fees or costs to using the savings card, you simply ask the pharmacist to provide you with a price for the medication with your insurance card and with the ScriptSave WellRx savings card allowing you to make an educated decision and save. One thing to keep in mind is that you are only allowed to use one discount. ScriptSave WellRx was designed to yield a savings of 75% but the average savings tends to average out to 44% you will need to keep in mind that any savings even a small one is a win and the discounts can change from day to day as the prescription prices may change.

I am a very private person so even if I may have a question the last thing I want to do is hold a conversation with the pharmacist in a busy pharmacy with tons of customers around to hear me regardless of how low I can speak. ScriptSave WellRx offers a dedicated support line for patients and even pharmacists if you have an issue or may just have a simple question to ask. This is such a relief that I can ask all the questions I have and be provided some reassurance in the privacy of my home.

How do your obtain your own ScriptSave WellRx savings card to enjoy these amazing savings. Simply visit the ScriptSave WellRx website and download the website card from the website or download the application to your phone for instant access. Once you have downloaded your savings card enter in your special invite code to BChronicle to unlock all the savings!

The ScriptSave WellRx savings card has provided me the freedom to choose how much I want to spend on my prescriptions. The ability to stay in control of my finances has allowed me to continue to plan to save for my families vacations, sports fees, and college expenses without creating an impact that could not be managed.

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The ScriptSave WellRx savings card is easy to use. It is time to “Take Control of Your Savings With ScriptSave® WellRx“. Here are some tips on how to access the savings a finger touch away!

1. Download the application:


 2. Learn more about the application:


3. Get your savings card. 


4. Enter your special invite code : BChronicle


5.  Set up your account. 


6.  Research your prescription savings & costs.


7. Locate your local pharmacy. 


8. Identify the prescription savings. 


9. Have additional questions or concerns contact the customer service line. 


10. Start saving today to your ScriptSave WellRx savings card! 



 I had the honor of being sponsored for this post, all opinions are my own on behalf of ScriptSave® WellRx.