The Must Have Souvenir Jacket

With the fall season in full swing sometimes planning your daily outfit can leave you a bit confused or torn. The fall weather brings in diverse temperatures that can leave you feeling a bit confused on how to dress for the day. In the morning the weather is a bit cold giving you the desire to layer up but as the day goes on you notice that your layers will leave you sweating and feeling a bit stuffy. The Souvenir jacket is the perfect fall fashion piece you must own. It  will not only allow you to add a touch of personal style to your outfit but also allow you to layer up in the cool mornings and simply toss to the side for the afternoons.

The Souvenir jacket was originally created with personalizations for American Soldiers to bring back home post World War II. The traditional name is known as the Sukajan jacket, these jackets were embellished with symbols of the Japan region. In modern times fashion designers have created their own spin by embellishing inspirational and trendy sayings and patterns that relate more with current times.

This is a trend that provides you full creative freedom, you can easily pair with of slacks or dress for the office, a pair of jeans and sneakers for a more relaxed occasion, or jeans and a pair of high heels for a night out in the town. There is no right or wrong that can be done.

Here are some of my favorites: The Must Have Souvenir Jacket


Reversible Souvenir Jacket – Forever21


Silence + Noise Stays on Tour – Urban Outfitters


Sky Varsity Jacket – Coach


Two-In-One Reversible Sateen – TopShop