Tips & Tricks For Carving The Perfect Pumpkin

Pumpkin picking has become a family tradition for so many families. While picking the perfect pumpkin and snapping lasting memories can seem like to much fun. Gathering the family to carve pumpkins can create a friendly competition to see who has the best design and carving skills. Once the fun and work is done and you place your pumpkins on display on your front steps the failure to prepare your pumpkins can create withered pumpkins that will ruin all your hard work. Here are some tips to help create a longer lasting pumpkin to display with pride.


img_4866-1Extend The Life Of Your Pumpkin

1. Clean The Interior: It is important to scrape and discard as much of the pumpkin pulp to prevent the rotting process. You can use a knife to scrape the interior edges after you remove the pumpkin pulp.

2.  Prepare The Pumpkin: Dilute a quart of water with Bleach or Peppermint Castile Soap. Lightly spray the inside and outside of your pumpkin and let it dry overnight. These products will slow down the decomposition process.

3. Seal The Carved Edges: Use Petroleum Jelly to seal the edges and lock in the moisture.

4. Sprinkle Cinnamon: Sprinkle a pinch of Cinnamon onto the lid, this will create a natural pumpkin smell.

5. Create A Chimney: Use a toothpick to create small holes in the lid to allow the pumpkin to breath when the pumpkin is lit.

img_4870-1Carving The Pumpkin

1. The Lid: Cut the lid of the pumpkin in a diagonal angle.

2. Plastic Wrap: If you are using a stencil use plastic wrap to secure the stencil onto the pumpkin.

3. Placement: Place the pumpkin on your lap when carving. This will allow you to cut clean slices. Use the proper size of the saw based on the design that you are carving.