Tips For A Long Lasting Blowout

Giving yourself a blowout at home can seem like a workout. It may leave you feeling discouraged with the thought of the obstacle of maintaining your arms in a 360 degree position and impossible to reach the back of your head. The thoughts that come into your mind after just reaching just half of the mission is why didn’t you just go into the salon to get it done. Well with the Holidays slowing approaching you might want to save the money and if you are like many of us managing multiple schedules were do you find the time?

Here are some tips for a long lasting blowout to help you overcome the challenge and leave you looking like a winner!

1. Towel Dry: Use a separate towel that is completely dry to pat dry starting from the scalp working your way down to your ends. You should use a wide tooth comb to gently detangle your hair and then blot dry again.

2. Protect Your Hair: Choose a protecting spray based on your hair type and needs to protect your hair. There are so many different types in the market to choose from; volumizing, hydrating, detangling, frizz control, and heat protection. Spray a pea-size amount into the palm of your hand and spread onto the ends of your hair away from your scalp.

4. Use The Correct Brush: Stay clear of plastic and stiff brushes, opt for a boar bristle or soft synthetic bristles that will prevent the hair cuticle from being pulled.

5. Remove The Moisture: On low heat use your finger tips to lightly dry your hair while working your fingers through your hair.

5. Dry Your Hair In A Technique: To create a flawless pin-straight blow out use a paddle brush, begin by brushing your hair forward towards your face while blow drying your hair. Allow a few minutes then brush your hair towards the back or your head and continue to blow while brushing down. To finish off brush the hair straight down with the desired hair part in place and finish blowing drying your hair while brushing in a downward position. To create a blow out with volume section off your hair from the front towards the back and use a large round brush. It is important to blow your hair in a forward direction and wrap in around the brush. Once you complete the section wrap in around your fingers and set it with a clip while curling down and away from your face to create volume and movement.

6. Set The Blowout: Use a flexible strong hold hairspray to hold the look and control any fly aways.