Beauty Regimen Change To Neutrogena naturals

Who hasn’t been a fan Neutrogena products for years? The products they create are effective, affordable, and leave lasting results. This new line Neutrogena naturals takes the prize. With so many different skin tones, skin conditions, and allergies this line was designed to be gentle enough for everyone to use regardless of what your skin battle is. The best natural ingredients that will deliver proven results were tested and combined Peruvian Tara Seed, Willow Bark, Inca Inchi Oil, and Yerba Mate Tea Leaf. The entire line is 94% natural, the bottles are 50% post consumer recycled, the products were not tested on animals, and the product cartons are 100% recycled paper.


One might think that once you reach your mid 30’s you would figure out what products actually work for your skin and what doesn’t. But that isn’t true, your skin is consistently changing depending on the weather, the products you use, the food you eat, and the changes your body goes through with age. I developed allergies recently after years of not being allergic to anything. It has been a constant battle to test beauty and skincare products that will not leave my skin feeling puffy, dry, or with redness. After days of using the new Neutrogena natural line I noticed that my skins imperfections and blemishes were vanishing, my skin felt more radiant, smooth, soft, and the unattractive t-zone oil was being controlled. I recently started to develop hormonal acne on my jawline and haven’t had any breakouts since I switched my beauty regimen to the Neutrogena naturals line. The products in this line did not leave any negative after affects as so many products did. They were easy to incorporate into my busy and limited beauty routine.

One of my favorite things about the Neutrogena natural line is the labeling on the bottle. It allows you to instantly educate yourself on what ingredients were used to create the product and the source. This simple label allows you to trust the product that you are using. There are no harsh chemicals such as sulfates, petrolatum, dyes, phthalates, and parabens.

Ingredient Benefits You Should Know

  • Peruvian Tara Seed : Rich in Vitamin C, B and complex sugars, Tara seed works within the skin to help boost moisture levels and help prevent dehydration while helping to strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  •  Willow Bark : Used for centuries by Greek, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations to treat a range of ailments, willow bark contains a beta hydroxy acid cultivated today for its detoxifying properties.
  •  Inca Inchi Oil : Is a rich oil in essential Omega fatty acids, bionutrients and also contains Vitamins C and E. Inca Inchi oil works with the skin to help restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier and has anti‐inflammatory properties.
  •  Yerba Mate Tea Leaf : Is a powerful, sustainable anti‐oxidant (with anti‐inflammatory properties) that contains bionutrients such as polyphenols and Vitamins B, C and E.

Purifying Pore Scrub – Neutrogena naturals

Imagine a scrub that is strong enough to battle the daily oils and toxins that are in the air but yet gentle enough to scrub away all the buildup that your skin consumes leaving your face with unclogged pores, smooth skin, and a refreshed complexion. This scrub is created with natural salicylic acid from Willowbank and JoJoba beads that will scrub will remove dirt, makeup, and leave your skin feeling radiant.


fresh cleansing + makeup remover – Neutrogena naturals

This product is perfect for those who are looking for a product that can combine two beauty routine must haves. With a complexed schedule a night time beauty regimen sometimes can be overlooked after a long day. This product allows me to remove my daily makeup and clean my face. The Peruvian Tara Seed bionutrient cleansers is effective enough to remove all the makeup from my face while leaving my face feeling clean and refreshed.


Brightening Daily Moisturizer – Neutrogena naturals

A product that smells amazing, gentle enough to use daily right under your makeup, and leaving your skin blemish free within weeks. This product goes on light without the greasy heavy feeling, it dries instantly allowing it to be easily incorporated into you’re morning beauty routine. You can instantly apply your daily makeup without waiting the extra drying time. It was created with skin-brightening lemon peel bionutrients and SPF 25.


purifying makeup remover cleansing towelettes – Neutrogena naturals

A makeup removing towelette that you don’t have to wash off,  smells amazing, and gentle enough to remove all the dirt, oil, and makeup without any harsh chemicals. This product was created with Peruvian Tara Seed bionutrient that will not cause any irritation. I carry these in my handbag at all times, I use them even when I am not wearing makeup to remove the oilily and sweating feeling on my face after a long day or time at the gym.


**I had the honor of being sponsored for this post, all opinions are my own. #brighterdifference