Tips For A Perfect Home Manicure

While we tend to focus on creating the perfect outfit and perfecting our beauty routine, sometimes the simple task of keeping your hands updated with a manicure can end up on the bottom of your priority list. Your hands can create and deliver a strong statement, it can over shadow all the effort of putting together a fabulous outfit or the perfect cat eye. The cost of maintaining a perfect manicure can begin to add up if you are heading to the salon on a schedule. With easy to do tips you can easily create the perfect manicure at home with products that won’t damage your nails and are created with the intention of letting you express yourself with fabulous colors.

1. Remove any old nail polish.

2. Keep your cuticles moisturized.

3. Correctly file your nails in one direction and shape your nails.

4. Soak your nails with warm water.

5. Push back the cuticle.

3. Use a base coat.

4. Stay away from nail polish that contain Formaldehyde.

5. Paint your nails in layers.

6. Use a Top Coat.

7. Moisturize again!

8. To maintain a fresh manicure you can apply a single layer of top coat every other day.

If your nail polish is causing your nails to turn yellow, the color is not perfectly glossy or chipping within a couple of days you need to switch your nail polish brand. I recently became introduced to Lauren B. Beauty nail polish and instantly became a fan. There are so many things to love about Lauren B. Beauty , the products are made here in the U.S.A ( I am a big believer in supporting products made here in the great U.S.A), they are never tested on animals (such an amazing thing to consider since so many beauty products are), are vegan-friendly (another plus in my book), and are free of formaldehyde, DBP, toluene and camphor (chemicals that are extremely bad for your health). The icing on the cake is that the nail polish is designed with a quick drying effect that delivers chip resistant manicures and there are so many color options to love! You will instantly turn into a fan visit !