A Confident Holiday Journey With Dove

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dove and WeAllGrow Latina Network. The opinions and text are all mine.

The holidays can be overwhelming with the task of creating the ultimate Christmas shopping list, hosting the families official holiday gatherings, and finding the perfect outfits for each member of the family. This holiday journey will leave you feeling like you just went through a storm. The holidays are the one time of the year where the family can stop for a moment to unite and enjoy each others time. The holidays are beautiful, the decorations are perfectly paired to match the synchronized lights, the meals are carefully planned, the music magically uplifts you with cheerful melodies, and everyone is dressed in their best to capture the perfect picture. The preparations for the multiple holiday events that need to be carefully planned for will leave you jumping though the multiple obstacles on this journey through the holidays. Planning for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, days of shopping for all the Christmas gifts, and planning the perfect New Year’s Eve Bash will leave you wishing for a day off or a vacation. You might find yourself in my secret hiding place “the closet” enjoying the five minutes of peace.  The joy of planning and shopping sometimes becomes over shadowed with unscheduled feeling of not feeling fresh as wetness or sweat decides to pay you a visit throughout all the cooking, shopping, and decorating.


For years I used the same antiperspirant, but after having children my skin and body began to change and the products I used before began to leave me with unwanted bumps and the feeling of wetness just never went away. Throughout the years I have tried every antiperspirant that is sold on the shelf and even medicated prescribed products. Some have worked, some have caused reactions, and some have failed. I have been recently introduced to Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, not only is this product easy to use but smells amazing. This antiperspirant goes on dry allowing you to immediately get dressed and save on time. The fact that you can “shake, spray, and begin your holiday journey” without ruining your favorite blouse is rewarding enough. You can confidently tackle your holiday to-do list knowing that this antiperspirant will provide you 48 hours of odor and wetness protection. The biggest benefit that comes with the care of this Dove antiperspirant is the fact that your skin won’t suffer from breakouts that cause those uncomfortable bumps because the product is made with Dove’s ¼ moisturizers. 

As a mother with children that were sweet toddlers once, now those children are in middle school or a step away from entering college life. Continuing the perfect holiday traditions is important to keep the family bonding and united throughout the changes of life. Having every moment of planning completly perfected regardless of the anxiety or stress that it may come with is important. It will deliver those lasting memories with picture moments that should only bring tears to your eyes and with Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant you can remain confident that you won’t sweat through these tearful and joyful moments. #ShakeSprayGo