Tips To Beat Dry Skin With Coconut Oil

It is no surprise that the cold weather can leave your skin feeling dry, blotchy and irritated. After living in warm climate for so many years I really had no idea how blessed I was not having to deal with the skin affects from the severe cold weather. Moving to the North East was a wake up call that my Fall and Winter beauty regimen needed an upgrade on moisturizer as a key ingredient. Over the years my skin has become sensitive to products and certain ingredients leaving me to experiment. I have become a huge fan of products that contain Coconut Oil. There are so many benefits for using Coconut Oil to treat your skin, it’s also a great cost effective way to moisturize your skin.

Some facts:

1. Coconuts contains proteins that keep the skin healthy both internally and externally. 

2. Coconut oils contain anti-aging properties. 

3. The composition of the saturated fat in Coconut Oil retain the moisture content of your skin to keep it smooth and silky. 

4. Coconut Oil contains Lauric and Caprylic acid that will boost your energy levels and are linked two weight loss. 


Some ways to incorporate Coconut Oil into your beauty regimen: 

1.  Facial Moisturizer: Fighting the winds and freezing temperatures can leave the area around your lips and cheeks scaly and dry. Find a coconut facial mositurizer that will instantly degrade your skin and protect it under your makeup. I use YES to Coconut Hydrate and Restore, it light, doesn’t feel sticky, and it is not heavy to wear under my daily makeup. It’s extremely affordable and one container can last you all winter.


2. Body Moisturizer: The cold weather goes right through your clothes and you will not even realize how dry your skin all over your body can become. I started to notice that even if I wore high boot socks the areas between my knees and ankles would become extremely dry. I also would notice that even if I was wearing gloves I would start to experience painful dryness and skin cracking in between my  fingers. Find a Cold Pressed Coconut Oil that you can use as the first layer of moisturizer underneath your regular body lotion of choice. I use Barlean’s Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil that I found in my local Fresh Grocery Store, it smells amazing, doesn’t leave a greasy feeling, and instantly hydrates and soothes my skin.


3. Lip Balm: After purchasing so many different brand of lipstick that all stated on there labeling that contained active ingredients for moisture. The freezing temperatures were still leaving my lips dry. Find a Lip balm that contains coconut oil as the main ingredient to apply under your lip color of choice to moisturizer and seal your lips. I use Burts Bee’s Coconut & Pear, it is 100% natural and instantly heals and protects my lips under my lipstick.