11 Tips To Getting Flawless Eyelashes

Let’s face it, there is a science to getting perfect eyelashes. I have to admit that applying more than one coat of mascara has never been a part of my normal routine. I prefer to have my eyelashes look natural and not become the main focus of my eye makeup. I run my business from my home office, the last thing I want to do each morning is apply layers makeup, when I am getting my husband out the door, my kids on the bus, and begin my work day. I rarely put on any makeup, unless I am attending meetings, on a skype call, attending an event, or date night with my husband. So the thought of mastering the multiple techniques of getting rid of the ugly clumps, lengthening or curling my lashes have never been a priority. I recently worked on several projects and picked up some amazing tips from the pros on how to get flawless eyelashes without spending too much time or using multiple products.

1. Prepare your mascara: Let’s face is we all just throw our mascara in our drawer, makeup bag, or makeup organizer. What we fail to realize is that mascara sits, after time the room temperature creates the mascara liquid to become clumpy. To eliminate the clumpiness, grab a glass of warm tap water and place your mascara in the glass while you are applying your other makeup or getting dressed. Soaking your mascara tube in a cup of hot water will make the formula thin and so much easier to apply.

2. Angle the wand: Get control of the wand by gently bending the tip at a perpendicular angle. This will allow you to control the brush easier.

3. Wipe off the wand: Before applying your first coat gently glide the brush over a tissue to remove excess formula.

4. To obtain natural lashes: Hold the brush vertically when applying

5. To obtain thick lashes: Hold the brush at a horizontal angle when applying.

6. Apply waterproof mascara: Extend the stay of your mascara by applying waterproof mascara on top of your regular mascara.

7. Plump your lashes and create volume: Apply a light layer of baby powder or translucent powder onto your lashes in between each coat of mascara.

8. Avoid the smudges: Apply your mascara starting with your bottom lashes, then work your mascara up to your top lashes. When applying your mascara to the top lashes avoid looking down, look straight ahead.

9. Create a curl effect: When applying your mascara use a zig-zag motion while moving the wand up on your lashes, this technique will help give your lashes a curled effect.

10. Pump the wand: Avoid pushing air into the mascara tube, that would dry out the mascara and cause clumping and flaking. The correct way to pump the mascara wand is to gently twist the wand back and forth or in a circular motion.

11. Eyelash curler: While some of us including myself rarely use an eyelash curler. It actually helps to make your eyes look bigger if you use it properly. The eyelash curler should be used on bare lashes, not with mascara on.  You should start at the root of your lashes and carefully hold for 10 seconds. Then you can apply your mascara of choice.