Tips For Finding the Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type

Purchasing the latest fashion trends may sound easier than what it actually is. If you are not aware of what fits your body type correctly the stress of having to try on multiple pieces can leave you feeling overwhelmed. The process of trying to find what fits your body type can overshadow the whole retail shopping experience. For some shopping serves to be therapeutic. I am sure that many of you can feel my pain when I say that the thought of shopping does not excite me. There are just too many options and not enough time in my schedule. Here are some tips to help you find that perfect blouse for your body type:

Small-busted: The benefits of being small-busted are that you can incorporate colours and patterns into your wardrobe without worrying or creating unwanted dramatic attention to your bust. When selecting your blouse it will be easy to find a blouse that fits properly. Several styles and cuts will fit you perfectly. Select styles that are heavier in fabric, have high necklines and have embellishments in the front top area of the blouse. This will allow you to create the illusion of a fuller bust area.

Voluptuous or Top-Heavy: You will want to create a balanced look, to achieve this you will need to avoid selecting a blouse that is padded, has embellishments, and heavy fabrics. Select a blouse with minimal prints and patterns. You will want to balance your blouse with your bottom piece. If you select a blouse that is tighter to the body you will want to wear a loose bottom piece such as a pleated midi-skirt that will flow. If you select a loose blouse then you would want to select a bottom piece like fitted jeans or slim pants.

Broad-shouldered or Athletic: All of your hard work at the gym has paid off. Accentuate your body by highlighting your toned areas like your arms and back by selecting a halter top or a blouse with shoulder cut-outs. If you are comfortable enough with your body try wearing a blouse that bares your back. You will want to avoid wearing padded blouses, thin straps, or blouses with thin necklines.

Tips For Finding the Perfect Blouse For Your Body Type

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