Iris Gomez the face behind the brands Life With Iris, Beauty Chronicles, and The BC Agency. A proud Latina, daughter of Cuban and Puerto Rican parents born and raised in Massachusetts. As a young lady growing up in sunny Florida submersed in hispanic heritage around strong female roles that inspired many traditions such as to maintain a beauty routine, never lose you heritage, always dress to impress, always help your neighbor, and to always speak your mind. Have created the foundation of the heart and soul of what she represents and the women she has become. 
Iris is multi-media powerhouse as a travel, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle expert, freelance writer, brand spokesperson, and TV personality. Her relatable approach with a combination of years of expertise has made her one of the in-demand experts in the country. She has been featured and has been a regular contributor in several media outlets including The New York Daily Post, Cosmopolitan Latina, BirthMark Magazine, The Huffington Post, Venue Magazine, Univision, The Miami Herald, NBC’s South Florida Today, and NBC Latino to name a few. 
Iris launched BeautyChronicles.com in 2008, where she poured her knowledge of marketing, beauty and fashion into a fast growing business. Thus, BeautyChronicles.com became a media outlet where she was able to synchronize her knowledge of marketing, beauty and fashion into one entity to represent consumers with articles that reflected fashion trends for both and women, beauty buzz, travel tips, and beauty DIY’s. BeautyChronicles.com expanded its impact on South Florida by hosting and producing large-scale community events that attracted and entertained emerging trendsetters and fashionistas. BeautyChronicles.com hosted “Fashion’s Night Out” as well as an annual event called “Fashion in the City” which showcased local and established brands in an effort to introduce emerging fashion designers and local businesses to new consumers. These events have received coverage in notable publications like Cosmopolitan Latina, 944 Magazine, Haute Living Magazine, The Miami Herald, The Huffington Post and Venue Magazine. 
After years of building relationships with local and national designers. Iris launched The BC Agency in 2010 and emerged as a Fashion Stylist. Iris was considered one of the most versatile fashion stylists in the business, she worked enthusiastically between red carpet events, print, film, commercial, and editorial worlds. This was due in part to her strong work ethic and positive energy. Iris understands that the boundaries within the fashion world are unfixed and always changing, and it excites her to no end that the possibilities are limitless.
In 2017 Iris combined her years of expertise and knowledge to launch the brand, Life With Iris. A media outlet created to deliver lifestyle, fashion, and beauty trends for the everyday women and budget, a combination of travel trends and tips for both family and singles, and “moments” a special section that features a personal touch with a twist of insight on real life experiences. 
Iris currently resides in New York where she lives with her fiancé, thier children and tea-cup Yorkie Simba. She is actively involved her children’s PTA, a soccer mom, and enjoys teaching religion in her local parish. 
“ I love to engage with my peers and audience, there is nothing more inspiring then hearing from you. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or recommendations on posts. We are on this journey of life together. It is important to support and lift each other up.” XO Iris