Disney’s Pixar COCO

Disney’s Pixar Studios has once again created a story that will fill a child’s heart with passion and determination. A passion for music fuels the journey through a colorful land full of imagination. The story of a 12-year-old boy Miguel, as he goes after his dream and love for music against his families wishes. Music Read Post

Tips and Tricks On How To Use Dry Shampoo

The first time I heard someone recommend dry shampoo the first thing that I thought was gross! The thought of not washing my hair gave me instant goosebumps. But the reality was that my hair consumes so much oil that even on the cold days and nights for some reason I wake up with the Read Post

Tips To Beat Dry Skin With Coconut Oil

It is no surprise that the cold weather can leave your skin feeling dry, blotchy and irritated. After living in warm climate for so many years I really had no idea how blessed I was not having to deal with the skin affects from the severe cold weather. Moving to the North East was a Read Post